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If you receive an email that states " Your_Norton_subscription_has_expired" but you notice that the email is 1 large Image and not a webpage,  this is a phishing attempt.  DO NOT click on any part of this email.

 If you get an email with the Subject of "--RENEWAL ALERT: YOUR MCAFEE HAS TERMINATED....."  Viruses found!

DO NOT BELIEVE it !  It's a SCAM and a phishing expedition trying to get you to click onto or respond to this emali.

It seems that more and more spam / phishing attacks are on the rise.  IN the last few days, I received about 40 emails from some guy named Zack Williams <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> that promised all sorts of perks and things.

DO NOT click onto these emails!

Newly received today was a Same Club special Surprise for members only.  Oh, I'm sure it is a surprise too !  A potentially infected email with a single image that points to a questionable URL.

Here's another one from so called Apple.  Imagine, you are an avid Apple User and you constantly back up or store things in the i-Cloud and you receive this email.  Panic?  No think calmly and dissect the email.

You'll be thankful that you did.  It's a fishing expedition!



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