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I've been asked a million and 1 times "Why did you choose the name 'CyberFreek' ?"  Well the answer may shock some but those in my industry will agree and just nod their head.

The idea popped into my head back in 1997 or actually earlier, but I didn't register the Domain Name until 1997.

I wanted a name that not only stood out in a crowd but also mimicked my philosophy, my background and just who I was.  Many of the other "cyber" domain names were taken so I played around with some names until I found something that worked perfectly.  So here below is WHY I chose "CyberFreek".


The word "Cyber", as taken from means:





1. a combining form meaning “computer,” “computer network,” or “virtual reality,” used in the formation of compound words (cybertalk; cyberart; cyberspace) and by extension meaning “expressing visions of the future” (cyberfashion).
The term "Freek"  has multiple meanings according to the Urban Dictionary:
1. A Freek is a person that is to weird to be a freak. the term freek describes a person that has no problem being weird, and do not care what people think about them.
I am a freek and I'm proud of it!
But the one that most closely is synonymous with me is: 
2. "freek" is Slang for free-thinker, it seems the free thinking types are often called "freaks" but I believe they are among the most wonderful people on earth and deserve a cool and fitting "nickname" so from this day forward they will be known as freeks.
Myself and my buddy dream of the day when the freeks way of thought will be common.
A freek is one who holds positions regarding truth, formed by logic and reason, rather than authority ,tradition or religious doctrine.
That guy is a true freek, I sure do love his freethought.
Yes, according to Urban Dictionary, there are other meanings as well.  But I mostly do not fit into those categories.
And so you have it.
As a Computer Nerd/Geek/Hacker/ etc.etc. etc., coupled with a Free and Forward Thinker who finds new paths where maps are clearly for the unimaginable, there I sit.
CyberFreek was born out of the unquenchable thirst for knowledge, abilities, self improvement and for those things that make one go FRICKEN COOL !
So are YOU a Cyberfreek ?   
Check back occasionally because the foundation of Cyberfreek is new ideas and directions.

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