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A new section added this year was the Car Hacking Village.  There were talks, live demos, hands on hacking and most of all, 2 cars available to test with or on.

I saw people really digging into what looked like a Chrysler/Dodge as well as one car that peaked my interest. the logos were masked over but it clearly looked like a Toyota 4 Runner. The first vehicle had door panels off, people hooking up various devices and quite a few interested people in this technology.  This is awesome!  As we read recently all the news about remote hacking of vehicles, there it was in the flesh (or metal) to play with.  Did I get a chance to play?  There were a few lines as well as a lot of people gathered around to listen and also to play.  i think it best said that it was something I am interested in, but to me it is a slippery slope that I don;t want to hack my car and break the warranty.

Arriving  a few days before, DEFCON started with a resounding whoosh!

The entrance to the Ball rooms at Paris was the kick off to DEFCON with Registration and lines. The lines were all contained in the Grand Ball Room at Paris so the hallways were not as clogged.


 Initially, there was a very congested hallway, but it soon got under control.  As the days progressed, it seemed that the GOONS and Hotel Security worked it all out.  This can be a good thing. The opening day after obtaining the "badge" and hitting the swag, wasn't all that bad.

However, this would all change the morning of Friday the 7th of August.  Somehow control was lost and it took yours truly 45 minutes to walk 15 feet.  It was also discovered that there was only 1 entrance and exit from the Ball Room area.  Not planned out well if you ask me.  But by Saturday the 8th of August, it was again back under control.

Let's only hope that next year is a better initial organization for attendees than just a mish mosh of traffic and bodies.  Oh and speaking of bodies, please people take a bath before you get into the lines.

This year DEFCON will be again held in Las Vegas however, not at the Rio.  This year is will be held at Ballys and Paris on the Strip.

 Yes, I will again be attending this conference.  Staying very close to the center of activities should allow for late nights, early mornings and most likely a fair amount of Shenanigans!

The last option is optional.  We always go to these conferences to learn and build more knowledge of new hacks, techniques and other information.

Actually, so far, I am looking forward to some of the new talks and villages.  They expect to have a Car Hacking Village!  This should be very interesting given some news of late.

Hope to see you there.


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