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And so another type of SmartPhone break occurs. This time a non secure app was found to leak users private data.  Why?


Usually standard or default Apps, especially keyboard apps are secure enough to keep things safe. However, the unsuspecting

Banks to adopt ATMs that utilize smartphones for Authentication.


NFC or Near Field Communication is expected to hit ATMs very soon in the attempt to cut down on Skimmers and other devices that lift your Credit Card data.

Wait, NFC ?  Wasn't this proven to be the ultimate tool a few years ago in skimming at DEFCON?

There were rooms set up where the doorways where wired as antennas to capture RF and NFC information from any Credit Card and NFC device that was on your person. As easy and quickly as walking through a doorway.  The victim was totally unaware that this was occurring.  This was set up as a demo of how RF and NFC can be used against you.

At DEFCON this past year (2016, DC 24) there was a demo of a new found device already hitting mainstream ATMs.  This was a small device that was placed inside an ATM Credit Card reader that lifted the information right off of the new Credit Card Chips.  The device was found to lift the information and transmit to a nearby listener who was there to gather information.  The lifted information from the Chip was then placed onto a blank chip on a blank card and reused for purchases, etc.

The Lifting device was found to have serial numbers on it indicating that these are being manufactured in a professional way.  This raises the bar again at what people knew about skimmers. They thought it was rouge people creating them.  Apparently not.

Now back to NCF. If NFC is one of the ultimate ways to lift information, then hasn't anyone been following this Security Vulnerability closely?  Will this aid the professional skimmers or deter them?

The link to the SC Magazine article is here:   Click here

Security researchers have discovered a very serious flaw in Android operating systems for Smart Phones, tablets, etc.

It seems that  a well crafted email or text message can install software without the owner knowing about it. This is serious. There are an estimate of over 950 million Android devices that all have this vulnerability.  While patches have been quickly provided by Google, the main problem with be the notorious delay for service providers to push these patches out to their clientele.  This is a serious issue.    Read the article here

My thoughts are this.  With Android being in the mainstream for the last almost 10 years now, you mean to tell me that this only was found recently ? I don;t know and can;t answer that.  I will be at DEFCON in Las Vegas and will pose this question.  Inquiring minds want to know how long this vulnerability has been out there and why now all of a sudden it is discovered?  

Is this a serious blow to Android giving Apple an advantage to catch back up?  I seriously doubt that. The only real issue here is how fast can these carriers push out an update. We all know that Android is patched and updated on a regular basis but the service providers (Verizon, AT&T, etc) take forever to push these out to their clients.

Hmm, maybe on the way home while stuck in traffic I might make a call to my cell provider and see what their stand is on this exploit ?  Hmmm....  I'll update this article with mroe information as I obtain it from the provider.

Stay Cyber Safe....


Well this didn't take too long.Smart watch image

Researchers at HP have discovered that all brands of Smart Watches are vulnerable to various types of attacks.


Well duh! any item that has network access, uses blue tooth or has wireless information capabilities can be susceptible to some forms of attacks. Is this really anything new ? We continue to build cutesy gadgets that no one tests.  No one has learned lessons from the past 10 years that putting devices out in the ether can be hacked in some way or another. Are these people living in a dream world ? You ut out insecure items, you will be hacked and embarrassed at some point in time.


Read the article here

Think about it.  You are looking for an app.  You go to the AppStore/iTunes and search for an app. 



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