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Oh my lord! Anyone who has been to defcon knows its normally a good 10 minute walk to the main entrance or rotunda for the conference from the hallway entrance off the casino. Well the line was out the door into the pool are when I arrive at 7am. 3 hours later i finally got my badge. Walking back, the line was STILL by the pool area! It is said that they are expecting in excess of 20,000 people this year. WOW!

In the photo, in the center is the entrance to the pool. To the right is the entrance to the casino and to tbe left the end of the line. The lower part of the line nearer to the rotunda was 3 lines deep. Up on top here it was 10 people wide all the way past starbucks!


Well, the countdown has begun.  T minus 8 days and counting.  Planning on being there ?  Not planning on going ?  Wishing you could go?  Dreaming about going?

Well no matter what your choices are, I will attempt to post various articles, sightings, images (where possible, they don't like images ya know) whenever / where ever I can.

So hopefully, you'll enjoy my take and humor about one of the best Conventions for Security Minded people or even Anti-Security minded people who want to know.

If you see me there, say HI if you don;t see me...  I might be in a sort of Stealth mode.  So keep your eyes and ears open. this is gonna be a lot of fun, late nights and who knows what!

DEFCON 22,  Are we there yet?


Having missed DEFCON 21 due to personal issues that precluded me from attending, this year it is gonna be different!!

Already receiving phone calls and text messages from friends and associates, this DEFCON 2014 is starting to take some interesting shape.


Not sure what DEFCON is ?  Go to the DEFCON Website Here or go to the dedicated DEFCON 22 website.

Again the conference will be hosted by The RIO The RIO in Las Vegas in Las Vegas. If you've ever been to Vegas and stopped by the Rio, you will enjoy this hotel.  There are a lot to do within, besides DEFCON.  But during DEFCON, be prepared to either jump out early for Lunch because the crowds grab up all the seating early or be prepared to go off-site for a meal.  There is a ton of things and places to go all within a short drive or walk.




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