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I have to apologize everyone.  2 weeks prior to being at Black Hat and Defcon, I hyper twisted my knee.  the Drs wanted me to stay off it for a minimum of 1 week.  I could not, too much going on.

While at Black Hat this week, I was able to hobble my way around as long as I could walk at a good pace.  I found that if I slowed down due to traffic, the knee acted up more.  At night, I ice down the knee and by morning I am good to go again.

Sadly, DEFCON 18 did me in badly.  Because of all of the walking traffic, I found I could barely walk on it by 3pm. So I was forced to leave and head back to my room to ice it down and rest it.

I am hoping to be able to spend the full day on Saturday at DEFCON, or as long as I can.  So expect new updates then.  Thanks for understanding.  Steve



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