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If you find me at Blackhat 2022 or DEFCON 30 or anywhere in between, stop me and ask for a sticker.

I've decided that I want to start taking some of my crazy ideas and putting them into stickers, swag and who knows what all else.  So for the moment, I want to start with a single Sticker.

So find me.

Give you a hint at where I will be?

Ok, check all the bars between Mandalay Bay and Harrahs (both sides of the strip), check the hallways, check some Specialty restaurants, including pubs.  Check the Casinos between these 2 points on the strip.

If you find me, I will challenge you with a question. You must answer correctly to get a sticker.  If you answer incorrectly, have a nice day.

The questions will range from Networking to every aspect of Cyber Security or even some Monty Pythonisms. Who knows what questions are lurking deep within. So keep your tin foil hats on and get ready to answer correctly.

Got something to trade for a sticker, step to the front of the line.


Hope to see everyone in Las Vegas for Summer Camp.  Be Safe, be careful and most of all,  have fun !




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