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You receive a phone call or message states "you failed to appear for Jury Duty". The phone call or message states that they had your signature on a certified delivery letter and you will be

charged with Failure to Appear and this is Contempt of Court, you need to stay on the phone or it would be considered non-compliance and a higher charge.

They then instructed you to go to your bank, while still on the phone, and withdraw $500 and then go straight to CVS (or somewhere else) to get a Money Order. They would instruct you where to send this....


Hang up the phone.  This is a SCAM.

DO NOT give them your name, address NOTHING. No information about you should flow from your mouth.  Again, this is a SCAM.

Most of the time, the people calling will have a slight Indian Accent and mispronounce words or items.  Or better yet, it will sound like it is from a call center with other voices and phones in the background. listen carefully to the call.

 Wait, did they say that they are from a different County than where you live ?  Say you live in "My County" and the caller stated a different County, say "their county".  Heads up! It's an indication of a SCAM phone call.  You ONLY get called for Jury Duty in the county you live in!  The caller does not know this and DO NOT tell them anything!  If you divulge any information, they will use it against you during the phone call.

If you really did miss jury duty, you WOULD get a letter in the mail and NOT a phone call.


If you withdrew the money from your bank account and asked to get a money order, know these following things:

1) Money Orders can be good for only up to $500.00 and no more.

2) Money orders are hard to trace. They are not like a check from your bank or checking account where they can be revoked or cancelled.

3) NO Police Office has the authority to collect any fines. This is done by the Court System and/or Local (County) Clerks office.

4) Recognize a scam when you hear it.


Learn the law about missing Jury Duty within your State.

In New York State:

While there are a number of ways to be legally excused from jury duty in New York, failing to appear when summoned for jury selection or jury duty without an excuse is illegal, and can result in legal repercussions.

If a prospective juror fails to appear, and after being served with a notice of noncompliance fails to respond or admits noncompliance without just cause, the courts may impose a penalty of no more than $250 and an order fixing a date certain for jury service by the juror.


Well look at that!  Maximum of $250 dollars OR they will reschedule Jury Duty!


If you get this type of phone call, tell them they are a scam and liars and hang up the phone! 


This is clearly a VISHING attempt and you have done nothing wrong!



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