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Oh this one frosts me no end.  Sorry.   WARNING!  I am about to open the <rant> </rant> section.


CNBC decided to do an article about a Shortage of Cyber Security People due to Covid-19.  LOL !!  The shortage has been around a lot longer and Covid-19 or another strain of the flu has nothing to do with it.  It's been artificially brought upon us by short sighted people. There I said it. People who focus on the wrong things to bring talented people on board.

Just now they are realizing this ? After 45 years? There are incredibly talented people who have been in the industry for many years who do not have degrees and do not have the certs. They just do it and fix what others mess up. The problem is that the industry is way too focused on the value of a cert or degree, not on a person's capabilities.

Many "hackers" are home schooled, learned from within a specialized group or from YouTube or other online content sharing sites. Ultimately, we defeat our needs by ignoring the really talented people out there. We do not always feed ingenious people. We also consider enthusiasm as akin to incompetency. How may people have corporations turned away due to that "enthusiasm"? A person is very qualified, but that enthusiasm scares them? How many people would turn away the next Einstein only because he was enthusiastic ? Talent is talent. Many people excel into knowledge due to a never ending hunger to learn, take on new obstacles and overcome limitations. That's a Hacker. Again another term that Corporations are afraid of. "So you know how to hack?", next candidate! The problem is NOT a shortage of people, but an obstacle that has been artificially the created.

They say that "Ignorance is Bliss". I say ignorance keeps you from your goals. Ignorance of talent or better put, jealousy of people more talented than you, is your downfall. Embrace someone's talent. Feed it ! You want the next generation of Cyber Security "professionals" to walk lock step with you ? You want the next generation of Cyber Security people to just follow a book and not think outside that of it? You're setting yourself and your company up for doom. Here today, hacked and out of business tomorrow.

You WANT talented people who are not afraid to stand up, not afraid to question things. Maybe even push the envelope that holds them back. You want an ingenious person who understands technology and the dangerous side to help protect you. You want people who think outside that box. You need people like this to grow into the next year, next evolution of business.

"We have a shortage, we have a shortage", sounds like a Chicken Little Syndrome to me. "The push of work from home...." OMG !!! You ignorant bastards! You've IGNORED the Home Worker and their potentially vulnerable Home Network because "it's not part of our Corporate Structure". Work from home has been around since the 1980's and the ignorance of a person's home network has been so overlooked it's pathetic. I said years ago that this would come back to haunt the Corporate world and it HAS! I even wrote a blog entry about this on this site. I even posted it onto Linked-In and talked about it all over the place. People looked at me like I had 3 heads or something. They chose to ignore the signs and are paying for it now.

Ignorance is NOT bliss when you choose to stick your head into the sands of ignorance. You ultimately hurt your corporation, your employees and the community you are in. We do not have a shortage of Cyber Security People, we have a shortage of skilled management. A Shortage of those capable leaders who can lead us out of the nightmare of ignorance.


Sorry dear reader. It frosts me no end to read this nonsense much less listen to it. Short sighted management is a death knell to the Corporate World. Whakey Wakey people.




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