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When are these people going to learn? Seriously! Encrypt the data and stop storing it in the clear. CruiseLinesBreech There are more and more breeches happening with the COVID-19 Plandemic happening.  People working form home, Cruise lines crippled and in trouble due to no cruising, airlines, banks, the list goes on and on!  

Recently, a CL contacted me about working for them.  Their salary was below normal and they dropped the process because "they found someone local".  The issue here was that they are underpaying their Security People and it shows.  You bring in under qualified people, pay them horrible rates and things like this happen.  Why ?  Because like many other companies and enterprises, they just do not take their Security seriously !  Now it will cost this Cruise line 10's of millions to fix, pay fines, hire big shot attorneys, etc.  All because they lower the standards and hire unqualified people.  Hey, I'm NOT bitter about not getting the gig, but during the process, things I heard set the hair on the back of my neck up.  It was going to be an up hill battle to get them in line Security wise and it shows with another Breech happening.  Oh, the CL was NOT the one in the article by the way, I would never disclose who I interview with.

The scary part, is that they are now scanning Passports and PII into their systems.  I predict you are going to see a huge problem arise from this as Cruise Lines continue to underpay and not hire qualified people.  What I predict is that (unless it's already happening) you will see a large influx of people using bogus and stolen Passports!

People, stop playing games.  Take the Security of your Customers Information extremely seriously!

The link to this article is here: Link to Article



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