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Please pardon the dust and periodic whoops's.  I decided to move the domain to a more robust offering and so far, am thoroughly enjoying it.  I hope you will too.


New on the site is all SSL:  No pages should show up not encrypted from me to you, or you to me.

Faster response : In the past, there were various underlying factors that caused the site to get a little sluggish, slow or nearly non-responsive.  I do not accept that for my Clients and nor do I accept that for my own Domain hostings.  Thus the new back-end is much much faster and responsive.

Latest Software for Blog Site: I've finally been able to push new updates to all software on the back end and on the blogging public side.

Too Many to list:  There are too many new updates to list them all.  I hope you enjoy the new site and please share the links.


Bottom line is that I am thrilled to be able to bring you a much more responsive Website.  While responses to and posts are turned off, drop me an email if you like the site.  Or find me on Twitter.


Thanks for your patience.


All the best,




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