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Lately there seems to be a fair number of Phishing based emails coming from Southern California businesses.

Or should I say, what "looks like" from Southern California.

Actually it doesn't matter, there is a large increase in Phishing Expedition based


One of the latest emails contains a MS Word document attached to the email. ( something similar to “[company]_Inquiry” ) If you open it, you are

greeted with:


DO NOT click onto anywhere in this top of page banner. The document contains various Word Macros that will serve up malicious content.

This is an ingeniously crafted word document created to distract you from your Security Awareness Training and get you to click onto this, DO




At the top of the Word Document should be a yellow banner similar to the image above. PLEASE DO NOT click onto the "Enable Editing".

This will automatically fire off the embedded macros and infect or make the Phishing Expedition a successful one. IT will then have to remove

your system and reset it.

Remember, our Job is to ensure these Phishing Expeditions fail.

If you receive any emails like this, make your Manager aware and inform IT.


Stay safe in this Cyber World !


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