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It's almost that time to board some flights to go to BSIDESLV, Blackhat nad DEFCON for 2018.  Parties all lined up, itinerary full, meet ups and greets all set.  Now what am I forgetting?

Suitcase and clothes!!!  damn!

Ok in all seriousness, its that time of year where all Cyber Security and Hackers meet up to chat, show off, party and enjoy ourselves in Las Vegas.  Is Vegas ready again for all of us?  Last year over 30 thousand people were attended various events, thankfully not all at once!  It's bad enough that DEFCON has in excess of 12 thousand people all waiting on lines to get in to hear different people speak. I'm sure that this year will be nothing else.


Last year after spending a night out at the Cigar Bar, I went to Hacker Karaoke.  Voice was a little off.  This year, I think I'll hit the Hacker Karaoke first THEN the cigar bar!  Either way, it will be a blast to see and participate in SO many things.  I'm ready... are you ?




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