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Today, I received the following email, years and months after the Yahoo breech was announced!




would you click onto any of the above information?  Good do not ! Look at the image below.  It explains WHY you should not:





What else is wrong with this ?




1) the domain name is bogus.  It does not exist as of this article's date:


2) The last line:  "If This Was Not You Please Call the Yahoo Security Team (Be at your computer)"

The use of improper English where you capitalize the first letter of each word should be an immediate key that this is a bogus email.


3) If you google the phone number, you get some interesting responses:

Some for a national DUI Lawyer organization, others all negative comments that the number is related to scams.  So please don't call it!





The bottom line is that you must be very aware of where your emails are coming from !

The more informed you are, the safer your system, laptop, work environment will be.







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