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In various articles, it was confirmed that various D-Link Routers are susceptible to a Zero-day vulnerability that allows an attacker to gain full access.


Ever watch the World Series of Poker or any other Poker Tournament on TV or even live?  Ever wonder how the system can show what the cards are in a split second on the screen?  It is because the Casinos are using RFID based cards on a dedicated RFID table that reads the cards placed into specific areas and displays them onto TV or monitors.

These RFID cards help the Casino

Researchers have discovered that what seems to be innocent Home Automation devices actually can be exploited.  Well DUH!!! They claim that they tested various devices and have come up with a potential of 250 vulnerabilities for these devices.

Well let me say this, if you replace your front door lock with a Blue Tooth or Wireless lock that could be unlocked with your phone, chances are you will get what you deserve.  Think about it. Both technologies (wireless and blue tooth) have various security flaws inherent in the design.  There are many free tools available to hack these technologies and you want to put these devices to "secure" your home?  Not good.  Not smart. 

You are inviting someone to find your house via a scan (ever hear about war driving?) and hack the door lock from their car.  Come home or wake up in the morning and find your door open and unlocked? Brilliant move Dr Smarty!   The bottom line is that these devices ARE inherently insecure to begin with.  Great idea to automate your home, but there is a limit that you should go and never cross over into another realm.

Read the full story here

A researcher , who spent 3 years in research, has discovered a way to hack into airplanes and take control from an Android device.  This is science fiction come to life.

Imagine, you are a pilot in an airplane with 300 passengers aboard.  Your flight  is to a very popular destination. All of a sudden your controls stop responding like someone has taken control of the plane remotely. Hey wait, someone has!  Scary notion and thought just became reality.  This researcher, who is also a pilot who has experience in a plane, has successfully created a hack with an android device to control an airplane through signals that all airlines use to communicate with. These are, believe it or not, un encrypted and unprotected signals that all planes use within the commercial airwaves.  Ludicrous? Off the wall scary?  Absolutely!

Read more here at this link

While this sounds impossible, researchers are looking at various ways to abuse old standing, traditional lines of communications for flaws.  Personally, this flaw can have devastating consequences.  I hope that the airline industry takes notice and fixes this major security hole before any disaster strikes.


Be safe people.

It was reported last year that the WiFi Protected Service (WPS) for configuring a wireless router is susceptible to brute force attacks.

Read the article here via this link


If available, turn off WPS on your device and configure it the old fashioned way of reading the manual and using the interface via a network connection.


I like to use the old addage of "if its something new that makes things easier, stay away from it, its probably breakable.  Wait for Version 2 to be released".

Check with your Wireless Router manufacturer to see if your device is susceptible or if there is a later version of the rom code available.  Upgrade and keep your device up to date with the latest in security and configurations.

Various levels of WiFi are breakable (except WPA2/Enterprise, but give it time) and anything that is added to help configure your device faster is usually a bad move.


If all else fails, stay current with your manufacturers modifications for your device.




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