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Well, we are nearing less than 30 days away from DEFCON 19, August 4th through the 7th at the Rio in Las Vegas.

This is the first year that this will be held at the Rio.  If you've never stayed or played here, this place is fantastic.  Not knocking the Riviera but this is a major step up!

So I guess the most asked question will be,  Is the Rio ready for this ?  Are you?

If you run into me there, don't be afraid to stop and chat.

I plan on updating the website as much as possible from there again this year.  This year (so far) no knee injury to hold me back!  Yes, I was the one with the swollen knee and limping very badly last year.  But if the man upstairs lets me get there without any injury this year, it should be a blast!


See you there?



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