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As we are all knee deep into the fallout of the Log4j, Log4j2 or Log4shell  vulnerability we learned recently that China scolded Alibaba and halted all contracts for 6 months.

Are you serious ?  They did the world either a great service or great harm (depending upon how you look at it) by reporting this vulnerability.

So why in the world would China attack this company for releasing the information ?  Alibaba did the right thing here and made this vulnerability announcement?  Why would China punish them, unless as we all know China wanted to use this vulnerability against the world ?  That seems more plausible.  We all know that China is one of the world leaders in state sponsored hacking.  So maybe China is annoyed that they could not exploit this themselves. 

When a country throws a temper tantrum like this, maybe it's time to reevaluate their position in the world.  Just my thoughts.


Read the article here and be amazed at the illogical response from China




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