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 If you get an email with the Subject of "--RENEWAL ALERT: YOUR MCAFEE HAS TERMINATED....."  Viruses found!

DO NOT BELIEVE it !  It's a SCAM and a phishing expedition trying to get you to click onto or respond to this emali.

First off, does the email look real ? 



Look at the sender address!!

--MCAFEE. COM | PARTNER<qspblibqis6d2yon3d3biptp2e3mwtmg1yyfotuh3ptxljofg«jsnigc11opQyri'4o4hk6z7ccm\This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Oh yeah, right. Like this is a valid email address from MCAFEE ?  Who the heck is anyway ?

Every single link in this email takes you to a malicious website.


Do not be fooled!  Especially if your Anti-Virus software is through another company!


This is spam but more so a phishing scam.  Delete this email immediately!


Stay safe out there people!



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