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Newly received today was a Same Club special Surprise for members only.  Oh, I'm sure it is a surprise too !  A potentially infected email with a single image that points to a questionable URL.

The image is annotated below:

1) The email address is not related to Sams Club at all. Actually this looks right off the bat as a scam email.

2) The complete email is 1 suspicious URL.

3) The "click here to unsubscribe" is part of the image and not linked to a separate URL to unsubscribe.  This is a Phishing Email.

4) SURPRISE!  You are infected after clicking on to this link!

5) I'm not a SAMS CLUB member, are you ?
Question, why you received an email like this IF you are not a member nor signed up for their services?




I ran the URL through some online scam watch sites.  Only 1 site, came back stating "malicious content".  The others ignored it and cleared it.

So the question becomes is this malicious?  Or just a really bad advertisement.  My money is on malicious.


Stay safe out there!




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