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More and more very ingenious phishing emails are being released into the public.  If you receive any form of these, pay attention and DO NOT click onto any links.  Just delete the email and move along.

These emails are increasingly cleaver trying to fool you into following links, signing in to an account or what looks like your account so they can hijack your account no matter where it is located.


The latest one as shown in the image below, attempts to make you think that the email came from PayPal and they have suspended your account.  Darn, it looks legit, right?


Let's dissect this image.

1) They do not even hide the fact that this email did not come from Paypal or anyone associated with them.

2) Hover only over the "Verify Now" button and the link in the bottom left hand corner shows ""   This is NOT from PayPal.

3) All of the links at the bottom do not take you to PayPal sections, but instead to a Google Redirect site. This is NOT PayPal.


Would you click onto any of these links ?  The answer should be a resounding NO!







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