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More spear phishing on the Internet.  Users are receiving an email that looks like is comes from Microsoft Outlook and pretends to show 

and help users to use the new Office 365 reclaim your email tool.

It looks like Microsoft sent it but, its actually a fake site that steals your Office 365 credentials. It has been seen on various companys so far and it is targeting 200 million users!

With this crazy pandemic and people forced to work from home, peoples guards are let down a little.  Don't for for these emails.  Learn how to identify these emails and ignore them.

I've posted various articles dealing with these emails and they are located on this website.   I will be posting more how to articles on how to identify fake emails with links to other sites you need to stay away from.

The best way to thwart all types of phishing emails is to learn how to identify them.  I am also going to put out a series of videos for YouTube and here.

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