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Yesterday, October 6th, 2020,  we all heard the news that felt like a stab into the heart.  The great Eddie Van Halen has passed on due to Throat Cancer.  This is a major shock to those familiar with the Van Halen Catalogue of music and Eddie's impish grin and style of playing the guitar in ways that it wasn't thought to be played.  His style opened the doors for millions of new and existing Guitar Players all over the world.

I wanted to share some photos that I took while at the NY Metropolitan Museum in 2019's Play it Loud exhibit.  I had the pleasure of visiting this exhibit twice.  One in the beginning of July and the second near the end of July.  An absolute amazing exhibit that allowed you the fan, to step right up to the instruments that MANY songs and Anthems were written on and played on.

The following are some of the images I snapped while in the Exhibit of the now Late and Great Eddie Van Halen.   



Many call this guitar the Frankenstein and they also labeled it this at the Exhibit.  However, many in the know KNEW that this was the Frankenstrat!

Eddie Van Halen's original stage Rig:


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