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Throughout Black Hat and also DEFCON, Steve will be walking around with a specific pin being worn.  Its goofy, but I'd rather not post photos of myself.

Steve's PinIf you spot me, say HI and introduce yourself.  If you do not spot the pin, its no big deal. We will catch up during DEFCON at some point in time.  Oh and for those that spot the pin, you win a special prize!  A free handshake and a greeting!

Being a part of the CSFI/CWFI community is great.  Having the ability to chat with so many liked minds at all levels is very important. Together, our minds will help forge new policies and ideas for years to come.

Special thanks to Paul for setting up the forum and allowing us all to throw out ideas periodically.

So if you see me walking around with this pin on, stop and say Hello.



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