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There we go again, another 235 million online social media accounts breeched.  User accounts from Instagram, TikToc, YouTube and others have been discovered stored on line.  HackerHackerHow old these are are questionable.  However, the bottom line is that another Data Breech may have occurred recently again.

With this Covid-19, forcing people to stay home, work from home, go online from home there will be countless breeches happening.  Why?  People do not secure their Home Network.  Drive-by hacking, credential stealing, overcoming a Wireless device or Access Point (AP) or even just hitting various IP addresses to see what it open and available to a nefarious person.  I predicted this way int he early stages of this Plandemic.  That article is located HERE.

But we will continue to see a rise in these breeches until people take seriously their online information and accounts.

  1. Set a reminder to change your online account passwords regularly.  The Calendars in phones, google, gmail, yahoo, etc are great for this.
  2. Look at your wireless AP and update the firmware and/or the device itself.
  3. Install a Firewall between you and the outside world.
  4. Take your privacy seriously.  Change passwords (see #1 above) regularly.  Change your online habits as well.  Don;t become predictable as to when you are online!
  5. Use a Secure Password Vault !  Store your passwords and vital information in there.  Place it in your phone, your laptop, tablet, etc.  I use extensively KeyPass  It's free and one of the best security encryption tools out there for Passwords and information!
  6. Stop sharing information openly!  This is how Social Engineers pick your brain to steal your information!
  7. Select secure passwords.  I can not emphasize enough that you really need a Password much better than "password" or "password123" or even your Dog or Cat's name!  Learn to add complexity to your passwords!    Change letters to numbers, add in a ! or @ or & or other characters!  Add in also Upper and Lower case letters!  Make it more difficult for the bad guys to steal your information!
  8. Stay alert and aware.

These are just some ideas to help keep your information safe and sound!

Especially your social media accounts!



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