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Ouch!  No virtual conference, no meet ups, no great discussions and sessions. Bsides Las Vegas usually is a precursor to the other 2 Security and Hacking Conferences in Las Vegas.  it was announced that due to the Covid-19, international travel and other aspects, that BSidesLV would not take place this year.

BSidesLV is akin to waht DEFCOn was in the beginning.  Small venue, much smaller crowd but incredible talks, People, discussions and various other attributes.  Sadly, due to the Covid-19 virus the conference was cancelled this year also.

This makes 3 great Conferences cancelled almost all at once.  BSidesLV, Black Hat and DEFCON all are cancelled this year because of a virus that isn't even computer based! If you can make reservations for next year and plan on attending.  It is an incredible conference for 2 days and a great warm up for the rest of the week.  Oops, I said week.  Well BSLV starts Tuesday and ends Wednesday. Black Hat usually opens up the sessions on Wednesday going into Thursday and DEFCON starts Thursday to Sunday.  Ok, 6 days.  But give yourself at least 1 day to relax and recuperate before heading home.

 More information can be found on the BSides Las Vegas web site and at a sub page dedicated towards the BSides Las Vegas Covid-19 updates.


I myself have attended all 3 in years gone past only to come home almost as a vegetable. Drained of life and energy.  But then again, 7 or 10 days in Las Vegas is a normal drain on anyone, unless you live there that is.  I've had the pleasure of being in Vegas, just too long but captured some incredibly phenomenal information, experiences and time.  Granted that BSidesLV is a few blocks off the Strip on Flamingo, then Black Hat all the way at the Southern End of the Strip at Mandalay and DEFCON now center of the Strip at Caesars Entertainment (Caesars or Flamingo or Ballys or Paris or Planet Hollywood, or any combination of these), it makes for an awful lot of walking, buses, taxis, Uber, or any other mode of transportation in Las Vegas.  Bring an extra pair of comfy shoes if you decide to try and hit all 3 one year! This and ALWAYS carry a bottle of water with you !




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