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OMG! for years people have been teasing stating that "DEFCON is cancelled" for next year due to the size or tons of other prank based reasons.  Well this year it's an actual truth !

DEFCON is entering, as they call it "Safe Mode".  The in person event in Las Vegas has been cancelled and they are now going to do a "Virtual Conference".

All of this due to the Corona Wuhan Covid-19 Virus.  WOW !  I set up my hotel room and have been looking at flights only to have this great even cancelled! Over fears of spreading the virus, Jeff Moss, Founder of both Black Hat and DEFCON has decided with his board of directors along with others to officially cancel the "in person" event this year.

They were hoping that in March things would clear and the planning would commence to hold DEFCON as planned.  They believe that this is now no longer realistic and have officially CANCELED the event and placed it into "Safe Mode".

What is DEFCON "Safe Mode"?  The experiment is to to an On-Line DEFCON.  More information can be found at the DEF CON Same Mode FAQ by clicking onto this link.  The details are still growing so you might want to check back to see what is happening.  I expect that while the Online version happens, there will be interruptions int he ways of Hackers pulling down servers or content in a form of protest.  Hey, I 'm not advocating it, it just happens when Hackers get annoyed or just plain pissed off.  I hope this does not happen mainly because DEFCON is such a great learning experience!

Read more about this at the Official DEFCON Website at



I myself have attended all 3 in years gone past only to come home almost as a vegetable. Drained of life and energy.  But then again, 7 or 10 days in Las Vegas is a normal drain on anyone, unless you live there that is.  I've had the pleasure of being in Vegas, just too long but captured some incredibly phenomenal information, experiences and time.  Granted that BSidesLV is a few blocks off the Strip on Flamingo, then Black Hat all the way at the Southern End of the Strip at Mandalay and DEFCON now center of the Strip at Caesars Entertainment (Caesars or Flamingo or Ballys or Paris or Planet Hollywood, or any combination of these), it makes for an awful lot of walking, buses, taxis, Uber, or any other mode of transportation in Las Vegas.  Bring an extra pair of comfy shoes if you decide to try and hit all 3 one year! This and ALWAYS carry a bottle of water with you !


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