Category: DEFCON 22 (2014)

DEFCON 22,  Are we there yet?


Having missed DEFCON 21 due to personal issues that precluded me from attending, this year it is gonna be different!!

Already receiving phone calls and text messages from friends and associates, this DEFCON 2014 is starting to take some interesting shape.


Not sure what DEFCON is ?  Go to the DEFCON Website Here or go to the dedicated DEFCON 22 website.

Again the conference will be hosted by The RIO The RIO in Las Vegas in Las Vegas. If you've ever been to Vegas and stopped by the Rio, you will enjoy this hotel.  There are a lot to do within, besides DEFCON.  But during DEFCON, be prepared to either jump out early for Lunch because the crowds grab up all the seating early or be prepared to go off-site for a meal.  There is a ton of things and places to go all within a short drive or walk.