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Help those who protect

During the Government Shutdown, many in our military are living extremely close to the bone. A friend set up a GO FUND ME Page (link above) to help out some of these people. Any amount is welcomed. Please help these people meet their goal to help those in dire need now. Thank you.

Oh yeah, right.  I don't have an Apple-ID !  But many of you do. 

If you see something like this below show up in your email, ignore it and DO NOT click on anything within this message.  It is bogus, fraudulent, phony, fake, faux, as scam, phishing attempt, dishonest and a slew of other terms to be used.

Look at the image below, don;t be fooled. delete it!

Apple-ID Scam image
Apple-ID Scam
The only way you can remain safe on the Internet is to be aware of these scams and plan accordingly to ignore and steer clear of them.
Stay safe people
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